“Five” Blake Mills

Blake Mills wears many hats composer, producer, (Alabama Shakes, Laura Marling) guitarist, and songwriter. Today, he has released a new video for “Five” from Mills’ experimental album Look, which is available now New Deal Records. The video was directed by filmmaker Justin Daashuur Hopkins. “The basic premise,” Mills says, “was allowing creatures and inanimate household things to carry emotional weight. Justin found these wonderful expressions within that theme and made something that I think is remarkably beautiful, and a humbling companion piece to this music. It’s got bugs, turtles, flowers, and fire—and there’s no plot, no acting. I’m so happy!!”

Mills has released two previous albums—Break Mirrors and Heigh Ho—won a Grammy Award for his production work on Alabama Shakes’ album Sound & Color and has twice been nominated for Producer of the Year.

Daashuur Hopkins furthers, “We wanted to create a dream-like investigation of the drama that exists on the peripheries of the human experience. A seemingly banal setting has its own surreal ecosystem, as micro narratives emerge amongst that which is habitually ignored.”


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