“Fight For Life” by El Perro Del Mar”

Sarah Assbring, is Swedish artist El Perro Del Mar. Recently, she released the first single from her forthcoming EP Were Are History, due for release February 2nd, 2018 via The Control Group (North America) / Ging Ging Recordings (Europe). Now you can watch The Connor Hurley-directed video for the defiant single “Fight For Life”, via Youtube.

Written by El Perro Del Mar and produced by El Perro Del Mar, Jacob Haage and Petter Granberg, the We Are History EP is a darker appendix to KoKoro — taking place in present time, the Trump era. Sarah Assbring says of the EP, “The ongoings in the world’s brought me to think a lot about medieval times, how we once became civilized and what being civilized really is. How easy it is to demolish it along with human rights and values generations before us fought so hard for.”

Of the video, Assbring adds, “The song “Fight For Life” is simply as it states. The human thing. The force of it, the animal like aim to survive. We all have it in us. We’ve had it for all times. It connects us to each other. That’s all I want to say. The music I’ve been working on lately is so clearly visual and with ‘Fight For Life’ Connor Hurley was the first and only person I wanted to work with for the video. So much I do with other people these days happen fast and with a sort of unspoken understanding and passion for the idea. That’s the only principle I need. And with Connor it’s the exact same way. I gave him freedom to interpret my music. This is what he created.”


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