El Perro del Mar “Alone in Halls”

El Perro del Mar has shared a new short film for Free Land single “Alone in Halls.” The track features guest vocals by Blood Orange. The film was directed by photographer Benedict Brink. El Perro del Mar’s new EP FREE LAND is out now on NYC label The Control Group. em>FREE LAND was inspired by El Perro del Mar’s collaboration with the MOMA in Stockholm in early 2020. Although the aim was to perform the music live at the museum (then Covid happened), the project continued allowing El Perro del Mar to draw inspiration while having complete access to the endless paintings and the sculptures while the museum was shut.

El Perro del Mar explains, “I asked my dear friend the photographer Benedict Brink to interpret the motions and emotions living in this weird time that we’re in. As free as I wanted Nicole Walker who made the video for ”Dreamers change the world” and Dev Hynes’ appearance on the song I wanted Benedict to feel free to visualize on her own. To me the film is a beautiful depiction of this historic time that we’re in. It contains a need and frustration, a longing for intimacy.”

El Perro del Mar also shared the singles “Life is full of rewards,” which is about being able to hear your own mind again. Letting it stream and find its way freely without necessarily trying to make sense of it. And a video for the defiant first single “Dreamers change the world,” which is a bold and atmospheric protest song. In the video, El Perro del Mar is a lone female warrior fighting in a world where the present’s merged with the past. A world where it seems like our common history and knowledge are burning away with every page of a book. These are the only two singles on the EP available on all streaming platforms.

El Perro del Mar elaborates on “Dreamers”:

“Dreamers change the world” is about resisting giving in. It’s about freedom of creativity and freedom of thought. It’s also an appraisal of the free artist as well as a reclaiming of creative integrity in an over-commercialized world.”

El Perro Del Mar
Freeland EP

1. Enter
2. Life is full of rewards
3. White on white
4. Free land
5. Alone in halls (feat. Blood Orange)
6. Dreamers change the world


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