“Eventually” by Wingtip


Coming off of the steam from his last original single “Better” and an official remix for the rising UK-star Huntar, the Brooklyn based beat wizard is back with a chilled out, arpeggiated disco record that will have you prepped for the heat of the summer to come. The carefree essence of “Eventually,” nostalgic to our days as children with no worries in the world will have you in a cathartic state of bliss. This is a record that’s too easy to lose yourself to, and makes it obvious that Wingtip is the artist to watch throughout 2016.

“I think there’s something really sincere and earnest about old disco and new wave records. They’re not evasive or distant, it’s very in-your-face, not ashamed to actually feel something about another person and tell them about it. They were also mostly written for people in cars, thinking about somebody. So in that spirit, I tried to update that sound a little bit but keep it nostalgic and sincere, and make it for people driving cars somewhere thinking about people.”
– Wingtip

Wingtip is the moniker of rising Brooklyn (via San Francisco) producer Nick Perloff-Giles. Perloff-Giles introduced the new disco project in 2015 with early fan favorites including “Wonder” and “Keep You Warm.” 2016 has seen Wingtip release his two biggest and most critically acclaimed songs to date “With Me” and “Better.” Wingtip premiered “With Me” via Neon Gold Records’ storied blog with Neon Gold exclaiming “it’s a floor-filling mind warp that firmly establishes Wingtip as the logical heir apparent to The Knocks‘ New York disco throne.”