“Evelyn” by Red Vienna

Vancouver trio Red Vienna, recently released their two song EP Tomhet via Locust Hail. The EP is available on all digital platforms and streaming services. Along with the EP, The band have also shared a video for the haunting track “Evelyn.” Red Vienna are inspired by the Music of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Interpol, Killing Joke, and more. “Tomhet” and “Evelyn” were produced by Jason Corbett at his Jacknife Sound studio.

Jahmeel Russell on the video for “Evelyn.”

“”Evelyn” was inspired by Robert Wiles photograph “The Most Beautiful Suicide”. I was really struck by the photo when I saw it, more beautiful than macabre. For the video, we were able to film the band performing in a room full of taxidermy and bones which while not having a direct link to the lyrics, did have a similar atmosphere to the image. It was also fantastic for us to have the performance element as it’s the first time we’ve done that.”

“The song Tomhet deals with depression and hopelessness. A completely raw and honest expression. In order to make music of darkness you have to really live it. If one attempts to write a love song without being in love, the result is most likely to be miserable at best,” says Russell.

Director Adrian Mottram (Undone // Creative) comments on the Tomhet music video, “I wanted to convey the feeling of isolation and the unknown that resides within ourselves. The video was shot over several early mornings and nights. Joshua Murdock dedicated a ton of time developing the character and we shot so much more than we could use. In order to save time we only used 1 lens, a shot with available light only (apart from the strobing red). I’m so grateful for Red Vienna allowing me to have 100% freedom to create this.”

order Tomhet by Red Vienna here


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