Enumclaw Debut “Park Lodge” Video

Enumclaw Debut new single "Park Lodge." The track is off the band's debut album for Luminelle Recordings Save The Baby, out October 14, 2022
Enumclaw photo by Colin Matsui

Enumclaw have shared their new single “Park Lodge”. The track follows “Cowboy Bepop,” romantic rocker “Jimmy Neturon,” and the announcement of their debut album Save the Baby. Produced by Gabe Wax (Soccer Mommy, Adrianne Lenker, Fleet Foxes), available October 14th, 2022 on Luminelle Recordings. “Park Lodge” arrives with a visual directed by John C. Peterson & Ethan Scoma. Enumclaw will be supporting illuminati hotties this fall on their national tour. Enumclaw is Aramis Johnson, guitarist Nathan Cornell, drummer Ladaniel Gipson, bassist (and Aramis’ younger brother) Eli Edwards. Working alongside producer Gabe Wax (Soccer Mommy, Crumb, Fleet Foxes).

About the track lead-singer Aramis shares: “This is the song I’m the most proud of on the album and is one of my most honest songs I’ve written. I’ve wanted to be in the position I am in right now my whole life. I’ve lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with my whole family and had to watch my mom sleep on the couch every night, I’ve had to watch my childhood best friend battle with schizophrenia and I wanted to talk about these things because I don’t think they get talked about in rock music. I really feel like my life and so many people’s lives depend on me changing my whole life, not a little bit of it, not half of it but my whole life.”

“I wanna wake up brand new” Enumclaw lead-singer/guitarist Aramis Johnson sings to begin Save the Baby, their debut full-length, out October 14th via Luminelle Recordings. The album is a swing for greatness; a collection of life-affirming and deeply personal songs about the importance of chasing after your dreams.

Even though they hail from the home of grunge, their influences stretch a bit further; the group is already well on their way to becoming “the best band since Oasis,” their earliest motto. Aramis says the band led by the Gallagher brothers is a clear inspiration, given their rise from a working-class background, and not just because his own brother is in the group as well.

Says Aramis, “In the lineage of rock, Oasis is the last band to go from some random dive bar to a stadium. And if we’re not selling out stadiums, we’re not doing it how I wanted to do it.” The emotional stakes of being a massively popular rock band are incredibly clear for Enumclaw who came from a modest and sometimes harrowing upbringing in Seattle’s sister city, Tacoma.

Aramis describes Tacoma as an inescapable component of the band’s identity. “I honestly thought I was going to move to New York last April,” he says. “I was gonna take a break from doing music stuff, to live in a big city and try becoming a photographer. But the band [and its growing profile] ended up keeping me here in Tacoma.”

His father passed away from sickle cell anemia when he was just 10-years-old, his mother walked for miles to a job at Subway, and his family subsisted on food provided by EBT cards. His best friend when he was younger was diagnosed with schizophrenia. “I feel like if I were the one who had gotten sick, he would have handled it better than I did,” he says, the aforementioned survivor’s guilt heavy in his voice.

Those personal experiences heavily color Save the Baby, titled for the dreams he’s preserved since he was a young child to make a mark on the world. It’s an album about the importance of following your dreams, in spite of romantic relationships going sour and the pressure that comes with being a young Black man who grew up with a fair share of hardships. On the second verse of “Park Lodge,” Aramis sings about the survivor’s remorse of a friend’s mental health deteriorating as his own rock music stardom was on the ascent. “It’s about the feeling of being stuck in Tacoma,” he says. “Just like a lot of people in the Black community feel like they have to make it out through sports or rapping, I have to make it out with the band. I feel like this is our and the band’s only option to do something in a real way with our lives.”

Save The Baby
Luminelle Recordings

1. Save the Baby
2. 2002
3. Park Lodge
4. Blue Iris
5. Paranoid
6. Somewhere
7. Cowboy Bepop
8. Can’t Have It
9. Jimmy Neutron
10. 10th and J 2
11. Apartment

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