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Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky have been making their atmospheric post-rock music since they burst on the scene (pun intended) in 2001 with their album, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever. With a slew of albums, including movie soundtracks since then (for movies such as Friday Night Lights and Prince Avalanche), they have captured the imagination of thousands of people through their broad-sweeping sound and sonic experimentation. Their latest record, End, (not the end of the band, thankfully, but referring to the end of a relationship or death,) is as compelling and evocative as any of their previous records.

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Starting with the song, “Ten Billion People,” (there are reportedly 8 billion people in the world right now,) they have a broad and universal scope of the human race. “We’re all in this together,” the song seems to be saying, over adventurous drums and staccato keys and guitar. The titles on the album are all pretty broad, titles like “Moving On,” “Loved Ones,” and “Peace or Quiet,” which give you plenty of room to find an emotional inroad to their already emotional music.

The “End” is the thing that we fear the most in life, and in their spiritual generosity, they join us walking into its contemplation, with music that buoys the soul. Even ending the album with the hopeful title, “It’s Never Going To Stop.” That’s the hope, anyway. That Explosions in the Sky will come out with another album yet. That the love we feel for family and friends and lovers who have left us will continue in our hearts, or in some way in the universe. Their music is, above all, contemplative, good music to meditate to, in whatever form that you do that.

This album may not be soundtracking an actual movie, but it could soundtrack a movie in your mind, with all its radical dynamics and emotional punch. Their music gives life, even while contemplating death. It is no wonder that they have remained together all these years, and their impact upon hearts through their music is probably unquantifiable, in its broad reach. They’re also a great live band, though it feels like a private show with just your soul and the universe. Hopefully this album will bring even more people into the Explosions in the Sky fold. It holds up with the best experimental instrumental post-rock that’s out there.

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