El Mar debuts new single “Sin Sin”

El Mar debuts new single "Sin Sin"
El Mar "Sin Sin"

Today, singer/Songwriter El Mar is debuting her new single “Sin Sin.” The track is off her forthcoming release Walking With Dogs, out June 15th, and follows the singles “The Best One” and “New Life”. “Sin Sin” is a beautiful song with a heartbreaking story. El Mar’s vocal’s really shine on the country tinged track.

EL Mar on “Sin Sin”

“Sin Sin” started out as a poem I wrote on a whiteboard in my apartment, and I then set it to music. I remember a friend came over one day and saw the lyrics and was like “ummm is this a new song? It’s depressing!” Which was hilarious but she wasn’t wrong. This song was therapeutic for me to write. I don’t really speak to my father, and we have never connected or been completely frank with one another, so I just had to get it out of my system in order to accept our relationship and where it is always going to be. I’m getting married this year, and it’s the last year of my 20s, so I have been reevaluating so many things in my life. And it’s nice to just come to terms with things and know like, okay, this is what we are. We aren’t suddenly going to get over the past 29 years and have a healthy and normal father-daughter relationship, and that’s cool. I’m doing fine.

El Mar is Miami-native, now NYC-based singer/songwriter/frontwoman Joey Primero, alongside a collective of NYC-based musicians (most of which attended Berklee College of Music). Walking With Dogs was written while Primero was, well, walking with dogs, after leaving a career in the music industry, where she had worked as a music publicist for over five years. Having worked with countless bands, including many notable ones at that, Primero still struggled to let go of the artist and songwriter in her that was longing to be heard. She missed performing and finally decided it was time to get back to what she came to New York to do. Walking With Dogs was recorded in two days in Brooklyn, and is candid – exploring love, loss, envy, and deep-rooted rage. El Mar plays Rockwood Stage 2 in NYC on June 23.


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