“Easy Tiger” Flyte

Flyte have shared a video for their current single “Easy Tiger.” Recorded in Los Angeles, “Easy Tiger” was recorded with producer Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Ariel Pink) and Ali Chant (Aldous Harding) on mixing duties. The single caught the attention of Mark Jenkin, the BAFTA-winning British director (Bait). During quarantine, Will and Mark started work on a music video, Mark’s trademark use of hand-processed and physically edited film serving as the perfect solution to the current limitations of film making during COVID-19.

Mark Jenkin on the video for “Easy Tiger:”

“The challenge was to make something that felt amorphous – to create something that has a tactile feel to it, is a single artefact, something that feels like a found film and something that is timeless, abstract and unidentifiable in some ways. For me, what’s exciting is those limitations – this is where my strength is, the great unknown.” Will notes, “When I wrote ‘Easy Tiger’ I was exorcising shame, heartbreak, jealously; almost impossible emotions to process, I almost regretted writing it. There’s a darkness and an emotional brashness to Mark’s work that suited the song perfectly. It would have been hard to trust anyone else with it.” Watch “Easy Tiger” here:

The decision to record the new material in Los Angeles was born from a desire for a fresh start and self-imposed “musical rehab.” Will notes, “We had been in London for all of our life and with all the recent changes, we wanted a new start somewhere. We felt that a lot of our favorite music was coming out of New York and LA lately, and I think there was an edge and a slight darkness about the songs because Los Angeles is sort of alienating in so many ways. There’s also something very restful and retrospective about being in a new city that we didn’t know.”