DZ Deathrays All Fired Up

Australian band DZ Deathrays will release their full-length Positive Rising: Part 2, the follow up to Positive Rising: Part 1 will be released in 2021 via Alcopop! Records (UK) and IOHYOU (AUS). In celebration of the release the trio have dropped their explosive new single ‘Fired Up’ as the official first taste of the forthcoming LP, and is out now on all good DSPs, accompanied by a trippy animated video directed by Thomas Rawle. Simon Ridley puts it, “basically at some point Shane (Parsons) just turned ‘Fired Up’ into a big stadium-rocking Bruce Springsteen-style anthem and I guess that’s when we knew what we were dealing with.”

After decamping to Los Angeles to record ‘Part 1’, the band returned home to record ‘Part 2’ in late 2019, along with producer Miro Mackie who traversed the globe to help bring ‘Part 2’ to life on the band’s home soil, leading to a clear tonal shift between the two albums. They’re nonetheless designed to be treated as two halves of a whole, from the songs—which the band hope will be played from beginning to end—to the artwork, which, if you put the two album pictures together, depicts a full day; a yin and yang, a full spectrum of the Positive Rising existence.

When talking about the title track, Shane Parsons sums up the ethos of the album name beautifully as he explains, “Positive Rising is the closing song of the two-part album. The track comes from thoughts of an undercurrent of positivity throughout this world making its way to the surface. Starting small and developing into something that could potentially change lives for the better.”

DZ Deathrays
Positive Rising: Part 2
Alcopop! Records/IOHYOU

1. Skeleton Key
2. Fear The Anchor (feat. Ecca Vandal)
3. All Or Nothing
4. Kerosene
5. Fired Up
6. Riff City
7. Make Yourself Mad
8. Golden Retriever
9. Swept Up
10. Run The Red
11. Positive Rising


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