“Unsure” By The Wytches

The Wytches have returned with new single/video “Unsure”, the track is now available via Alcopop Records! and your favourite streaming services.The track is off their 2023 album Our Guest Can’t Be Named, and follows the band’s sold out limited edition X-Ray 7” single “Zep Step” released in 2023.

Commenting on the new single, front man Kristian Bell says: “With every Wytches album, we sacrifice a few songs to make a coherent track listing. I have a bit of a problem that makes being in a heavy rock band difficult sometimes, where I seem to write more slow ballads than heavy punk songs. When I came up with the song ‘Unsure’ I thought it wouldn’t really have a place on the album we were working on. It’s kind of a slow pop song. I liked it when I finished it but thought it would just be another one for the vault. When I played the demo to our guitarist Mark, he started humming along with some really beautiful harmonies which made me want to work it into The Wytches world somehow.”

“In the studio, I started trying to transform ‘Unsure’ from a quiet ballad into something that sat alongside the heavy stuff on the album. I had been listening to a lot of Neil Young and loved how he can bring so much noise and distortion into these folky and sweet songs. I sat in my room with that in mind and basically tried to shred over the whole song—it sounded terrible but there were some cool moments in there. I remember reading something Bob Dylan said about a song not being worth it if it needs slaving over, but I’m not Bob Dylan so I had to power through. I just layered the whole thing up with guitars and started taking a lot of it away until there was something there that made sense.”

The single comes with a gothic official music video created by guitarist Mark Breed, vocalist Kristian Bell, and Ellie Dolphin, with Breed saying of the concept and process: “Kristian and I stumbled upon the dollhouse in a dusty corner of our local antique store. Instantly, we sensed its potential for a music video. Strangely, after acquiring the house, we kept discovering dollhouse furniture in various charity shops, which gradually brought the house to life. The video narrative loosely revolves around a haunting or poltergeist within the house, as a witch torments the family that lives inside.”

The Wytches 2024 tour dates:

26th – 28th July – TRUCK Festival

Order Our Guest Can’t Be Named by The Wytches HERE


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