Duologue announce new single details

DUOLOGUE ANNOUNCE NEW SINGLE DETAILS. the first to be taken from the forthcoming second LP, 'Never Get Lost', coming out 9/8, Duologue play in London 9/17

Vocalist Tim Digby Bell: “Drag & Drop was one of the first tracks we recorded on the new album, and it’s a pretty good bridge between our debut album and the new one. The idea came from the term for moving files and it sums up how the digital age is affecting our relationships. Everything seems more and more disposable and less and less permanent.

“For all our instant connectedness, it’s strange how we can perhaps feel more alone than ever before.” Never Get Lost was written, recorded and produced by the band in London, New York and Kent. The band co-mixed the record with Ian Dowling (Jungle/Cloud Control).

This new record finds the quintet in uncompromising form, building ambitiously on their brooding electronic sound from 2013’s ‘Song & Dance’ LP, and nurturing it into somewhere that references their broad range of influences.

Duologue headline London’s Oslo on September 17.



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