‘Dry Fruit’ by Laetitia Sadier

Northern Transmissions’ ‘Single of the Day’ is “Dry Fruit”. Which is now out as a cassingle via Drag City.

Co-written with David Thayer, “Dry Fruit” is a song about that ineluctable passage…and the sense of loss it can provoke, as one circles through memories that seem as real as the day they were first encountered. With deft musical strokes, Laetitia conveys the nuance of the emotions involved. Built from her rhythm guitar part and overlaid with touches of vocals, keyboard lines, electric guitar, vibes and samples.

Viewing the musical landscape of “Dry Fruit”, David Thayer has extracted a video to parallel Laetitia’s melodies with inventive visions. Cascades of soft waves ebb and flow, echoing her soothing, yet commanding, voice. Layers of visual beauty reveal themselves over time, unfolding through our eyes into our brain, and the soul below.

9/29/15 @ Minneapolis, MN at Icehouse
9/30/15 @ Chicago, IL at Schuba’s
10/1/15 @ Detroit, MI at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
10/3/15 @ Philadelphia, PA at Johnny Brenda’s
10/4/15 @ Kingston, NY at BSP Kingston


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