Drugs Debut “A Twist Of The Stomach”

Long Beach, Cali band Drugs release their debut LP, Episodic, August 7 on Park The Van. Today, the quartet has shared album single "A Twist Of The Stomach"
Drugs photo by Arthur Hitchcock

Long Beach, California band Drugs will release their debut LP, Episodic, on August 7, via Park The Van (Broncho, Cayucas, Yumi Zouma). Today, the quartet has released their new single “A Twist Of The Stomach.” The track follows previous single “Try Me.” Drugs is comprised of Joel Jasper, J.P. Bendzinski, Alan Connor, and Vince Guitierrez. “A Turn Of The Stomach,” should definitely assuage, fans of Deerhoof.

Drugs’ Joel Jasper on “A Twist Of The Stomach:”

“An attempt to interpret the conflict with recurring cycles of consumption and mental processes. A twist of the stomach embraces rebellion and finding alternative thinking. Tie a knot in your stomach and pull from both ends. Put your brain in a dryer and set it to tumble. Hopefully when you wipe away the gunk you’re doused in you come out having gained some new perspective. If you’re not sure, go with your gut.

Drugs is a safe haven. It’s for the freaks,” says Jasper, the band’s main lyricist and songwriter. Creating a terrain so unruly and jagged it defies the edifice of the traditional linear songwriting form in favour of a more abstract stream of consciousness style. “I don’t want anyone to be able to predict what’s coming next unless they’ve listened to the song before.” Jasper’s desire for the mercurial is shared by Bendzinski, who says they didn’t “set out to make anything intentionally,” proving Drugs’ Episodic was as much an act of discovery for them as it is for the listener.