“Don’t Get It” By Naomi Alligator

Naomi Alligator has dropped a new self-directed and animated video for “Don’t Get It.” The song is off her forthcoming release Double Knot, available July 1st via Carpark Records. Of the song and video James says “‘Don’t Get It’ is a song about a bad friend. The music video takes that to the extreme and ends with a fight scene. I’ve never gotten into a fist fight (and don’t plan on it) but I wanted to scratch the itch. I also wanted to film/edit a fight scene.”

Naomi Alligator grew up on a river. The river was too polluted to swim in so instead of swimming, she spent much of her youth sitting beside it. She would read there, get drunk there, kiss her crushes there, etc… Her parents were antique dealers who filled the house with objects that had been living for thousands of years. The plants from the river would break through the windows and grow onto the antiques.

The musical project created by Corrinne James. Corrinne created the project while she was sophomore at The University of Virginia. Tired of the obsession to make her visual art “perfect,” she found catharsis in writing songs. She bought a four-track with an art grant she received from UVa and took it to an art residency hosted at Mountain Lake Biological Station in the Appalachian Mountains.

Naomi Alligator has also announced 2 hometown record release shows in Los Angeles, CA at Heavy Manners Library in July with Emily Yacina, Cryogeyser, Castle Pasture and Glenrock.

Naomi Alligator
The Knot
Carpark Records
Track List

1. Seasick
2. Don’t Get It
3. Amelia
4. Blue For You
5. Burnout
6. California Girl
7. Makes Me Sick
8. Neighborhood Freak
9. Over
10. Golden Boy
11. What I Meant
12. My French Summer

Naomi Alligator 2022 Tour Dates:

7/8 – Los Angeles, CA @ Heavy Manners Library * – TICKETS
7/9 – Los Angeles, CA @ Heavy Manner Library ^ – TICKETS

* Record Release Show w/ w/ Castle Pasture & Emily Yacina
^ Record Release Show w/ Glenrock & Cryogeyser

Order Double Knot by Naomi Alligator HERE


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