Davey EP by Davey album review by James Olson. The EP is now available via the Orchard and various streaming services


Davey EP


David Ansari shows his versatility and omnivorous musical tastes on his first solo venture, the davey EP. Known primarily as one half of the duo Vallis Alps, Ansari has crafted a new collection of songs in deliberate and aggressive contrast to the chill electronic pop stylings of his previous group. While certainly confrontational, the results are a little mixed.

“LIFE OF PIGS” kicks things off with harsh static before the introduction of eerie synths, wobbly bass, and brittle snares. With vocal samples cutting in and out throughout the minute and a half run time, the track sounds akin to the soundtrack to someone aggressively channel surfing on a tube TV on the verge on shorting out.

The following number “I FALL” is the clear standout on the EP and serves as ample proof that Ansari has not completely abandoned his electro-pop roots. Pulsing synths, panoramic bass tones, and an excellent use of dynamics make this a rock-solid EDM track. Aalok Bala turns in a sultry vocal performance making her the best featured artist on this release as well.

By contrast, “NOT ME” featuring Seattle-based rapper Sol is a little underwhelming. The commanding bass groove combined with clanging percussion samples and woozy synths make for an engaging and intriguing beat, speaking strongly to Ansari’s undeniable production skills. While hip hop vocals add some welcome variety to this song and
the project as a whole, Sol’s loose style and at times cheesy bars feel out of place on the track.

The other three cuts on the EP give Ansari room to explore the darker and more abrasive sounds of alternative electronic music. “N.I.4.N.I” is an exercise in hard style industrial techno while the closing track “SOIL FOR THE ORCHIDS” is a clattering and glitchy mood piece utilizing static and chopped vocal samples as a call back of sorts to the opener “LIFE OF PIGS.” The track “CONTROL 2002” proves to be the most intriguing of the three with the incorporation of a simple yet catchy synth melody on the drop and a creative use of disorienting vocal manipulation
throughout the song.

As a complete body of work, the davey EP could have benefited from some greater focus. Viewed as a demo reel or sampler, the release confirms Ansari’s talents as a producer and his stylistic adaptability.

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