Datassette share mix, EP now out on Appolo

Datassette share mix, New EP now out on Appolo Records


Datassette aka John Davies has been recording music for over a decade, carving out a niche as a respected purveyor of electro and electronica. He’s recorded and self-released a discography from CD-R, net-labels and small independents, but it was his album for Ai Records in 2008 that first brought him to Apollo Records’ attention. He’s also remixed the likes of Röyksopp, Mark Archer and Al Tourettes.

The four tracks on this varied EP explore classic electro sounds with contemporary arrangements, blurring the boundaries of half-step rhythms. Part 1 of Cagney XOR Lacey has an almost jazzy feel with the bassline having free rein to wander. Part 2 uses similar micro-sampled vocals, but moves along at a more head nodding pace that recalls Klavierwerke era James Blake if he had been brought up on Drexciya rather than Mala.




Cagney XOR Lacey EP

(Apollo Records)

March 11, 2014

12″ / Digital

A1 – Cagney XOR Lacey (Part 1)
A2 – Vacuform
B1 – Helvetica Calcium
B2 – Cagney XOR Lacey (Part 2)

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