Sex With Strangers debut “Dangerous Days”

Sex With Strangers debut new video "Dangerous Days"
Sex With Strangers

Vancouver band Sex With Strangers have released a new video for “Dangerous Days.” The video has a dark, but romantic side to it. Reassuring you that, along with pain, their is always comfort on the other side. The track was Produced by Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at Jacknife Sound, and is off their current release Curses. The video was directed by actress/director/photographer Kira Clavell.

Kira Clavell on the video for “Dangerous Days”:

“When Sex With Strangers approached me about creating a video for their single “Dangerous Days”, they wanted something dark and they wanted dancing. Usually “dancing” in music videos is the the opposite of dark. To me ‘Dangerous Days’ is a love story. I felt if there was going to be dance in it, it was dance to convey a status, a heat, pleasure/pain. The movement is painting the picture. Relationships are complicated. I wanted the video to reflect that. The story and shots were very vivid in my head so I just worked on the framing, and body language to match. I let the song tell me what the video was going to be.”

Starring (in order of appearance):

Faye Tassioulas as Eve
Kira Clavell as Eve
Filippos Rokos as Adam

Imagined as Duran Duran caught in a rundown, Vancouver, BC’s Sex With Strangers are sonic equivalent of a Swiss army knife, drawing on a wide variety of influences ranging from new wave, to post-punk, to dance rock. Although the band revels in the exploration of a wide variety of genres, SWS has managed to create their own unique sound, highlighted by robust bass grooves and the vocal interplay between lead singers Hatch Benedict and Hayley Ray. Once named as one of “7 Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen” to by SPIN Magazine, Sex With Strangers is best known for their feverish and interactive live performances.