Cru The Dynamic streams new EP ‘The Quick’

Cru The Dynamic streams new EP 'The Quick'
Cru The Dynamic streams new EP 'The Quick'

Drummer/producer Steve Bryant is known as the go-to-guy for drumming, programmed beats, & loops and also for the elasticity of his live performance & improvisation. He has toured with several acts including Benzos, Michna, Eliot Lipp. Although trained in jazz, Bryant has gravitated towards hip-hop and drum & bass in both his playing and production styles. While keeping busy touring, he has been putting out his own music under the name Cru the Dynamic.

His latest release, The Quick, is a 7-song EP with the fast syncopation of jungle & footwork subtly nested inside soulful half-time grooves. “This EP is the result of several styles I’ve explored separately in the past coming together in one cohesive statement” says Bryant. “I wanted to make something that could work in the club but also lent itself to chilled out, repeated listenings”. This is his first release through Young Heavy Souls, although you may have heard his work before on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’, CSI Miami, or on his bandcamp page, which contains an extensive back-catalogue of albums, EP’s and remixes.

The Quick
Young Heavy Souls

Track List:
1. New Things
2. Here At The Institute
4. Ooh My
5. Blossom
6. Find Us Here
7. Qpon


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