Minutes Unlimited stream ‘Simple Solutions’

Minutes Unlimited, which is comprised of Eliot Lipp and Michna are streaming their new release 'Simple Solutions.'
Minutes Unlimited by Rebecca Diaz

The Brooklyn, NY duo of Minutes Unlimited is comprised of beat makers (Eliot Lipp & Michna), the two have both been making music for over a decade. This month sees the return of their second EP, Simple Solutions, the follow-up, and released only four months after their debut EP Making Contact. Here they further refine their hand crafted vision of grainy high-def trap, equalized and polished. While writing Simple Solutions they found themselves on tour and decided to utilize various state-of-the-art mixing consoles in New York, Texas, and Washington. Reels were saturated, headrooms pushed purple, and new vocals were made so dry you think they’re wet. Minutes Unlimited, the new project comprised of electronic producers Michna (Ghostly International) and Eliot Lipp (Young Heavy Souls) who will be releasing their new EP, ‘Simple Solutions’ July 20th via Young Heavy Souls and various streaming services.

Minutes Unlimited on Simple Solutions:

“In todays hi-def society, the risks of faking the funk have become greater and greater. Here at Minutes Unlimited, we are constantly working on solutions. Utilizing advanced diagnostics, we set up a multi-tiered audio program that can safely and securely guide the general consumer closer to a joyful path of pure unfiltered, hand crafted funk.”

Minutes Unlimited
Simple Solutions
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Formed in 2018 during NYC’s Bomb Cyclone, Minutes Unlimited is comprised of producers Michna (Ghostly International) and Eliot Lipp (Young Heavy Souls). Together they made the decision to handcraft their own distinct vision of grainy high def trap. Their debut EP Making Contact was released March 2018 and caught the ears of BBC Radio 1, where Jubilee featured it on her R1 Residency. Additional press was secured from Self-Titled, Exclaim, and Big Shot. Simple Solutions is a lean and robust EP of DJ friendly tunes, equalized and polished for festival sized intel.


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