Crooks & Nannies To Release Real Life Album On August 25th

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Temper" by Crooks & Nannies
Crooks & Nannies photo by Brooke Marsh

Crooks and Nannies is comprised of of Max Rafter and Sam Huntington, the duo have announced their their debut full-length Real Life will drop on August 25 via Grand Jury Music (Samia, Hovvdy). The album was written in an abandoned cabin last resided in by Huntington’s late father, it’s an otherworldly collection that is both reflective and chaotic in equal measure. Real Life’s first single, “Temper,” explores anger and power dynamics through grating guitars and a resounding hook (“I don’t even know what I’m angry for / Some bullshit about not feeling powerful”). The song is now available via Grand Jury and streaming services.

“I wrote ‘Temper’ after I found out about something cruel a friend of mine had done before I met him. My knee-jerk response was to not believe it. He was a kind person that I had so much love for, who took up space in a good way. I felt duped and surprised. It expanded my understanding of people’s capacity to do bad things but still be lovable. It had happened years prior to me finding out and it felt like it was told to me in a whisper. There was so much misplaced effort put into burying what he didn’t want to look at rather than taking accountability.”

“In writing the song I was imagining myself as the type of person who feels entitled to take things from others and without hesitation. I thought about how I can be naive about people, easily swayed and taken advantage of. ‘Temper’ is a story about power dynamics and writing it made me look at all relationships in my life through a new lens. I don’t like to think of relationships as an exchange, or keep track of who is giving or taking more. But, sometimes that means it takes a long time for me to realize I’m not getting treated in the way I deserve.”

Crooks and Nannies
Real Life
Grand Jury Music

1. N95
2. Temper
3. Cold Hands
4. Big Mouth Bass
5. Growing Pains
6. Country Bar
7. A Gift
8. Immaculate
9. Weather
10. Nice Night

Pre-order Real Life by Crooks & Nannies HERE


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