Cousin Stizz Drops “Lethal Weapon” Video

Cousin Stizz has shared a new video for "Lethal Weapon." The track is out today on RCA Records and available via streaming services
Cousin Stizz has shared a new video for "Lethal Weapon"

Boston bred rapper Cousin Stizz, was born and raised in a rough part of the city’s Dorchester neighborhood, Stizz was forced to mature quickly. At the age of 13, the rapper was faced with a harsh reality when his close friend was killed by a gunshot wound, causing Stizz to misbehave. His mother then had to give him an ultimatum; he could either attend military school or high school in the suburbs to stay out of trouble. Stizz chose the latter, which served as both a huge culture shock and turning point in his life. While there, Cousin Stizz learned a lot about himself and how to adapt to others and his different surroundings. His schooling and experiences, which he calls the best four years of his life, greatly helped to shape his musical journey.

As a teenager, Cousin Stizz enjoyed freestyling and liked to rap for fun, but didn’t think much about making it a life career until his friend Michael Christmas started to become popular in the hip hop community. With the inspiration from his friend’s success, he owed it to himself and his family and friends to take his talent seriously and started recording music. This led to the release of his first mixtape Suffolk County in June 2015. He followed up his debut mixtape with MONDA, a mixtape dedicated to and named after his good friend who passed away from cancer. In 2017 he dropped his RCA label debut One Night Only and followed it up with 2019’s Trying To Find My Next Thrill.

Following the release of his newest single “Lethal Weapon,” Cousin Stizz has shared the song’s accompanying video. On the track, Stizz hones in on his infectious songwriting coupling his catchy bars with an airy, piano-driven beat and in the video Stizz is seen narrating the highs and lows of street life with each verse of the song.

The new single follows the arrival of “Say Dat” in September which marked the artist’s return from hiatus since his 2019 release Trying To Find My Next Thrill. The pair of new singles represent Stizz’s first independent releases since his Suffolk County project in 2015 and find him combining the lessons learned from years of working in the major label system. Earlier this year, Stizz appeared on a handful of features including the Jonah Lennox collaboration “Phases,” and “Nothin 2 Me,” with Jazz Cartier.