Close Talker Release “Second Best” Video

Canadian band Close Talker have released a new video for “Second Best”, the track is off the trio's recently released deluxe version
Close Talker "Second Best"

Canadian band Close Talker have released a new video for “Second Best”, the track is off the trio’s recently released deluxe version of How Do We Stay Here?, available via Slow Weather. “We bounced around a bunch of ideas for the ‘Second Best’ video, at different points we were going to book out a baseball stadium, explore a forest, remake an 80’s aerobics video… but nothing really landed 100%,” the band says. “Then one day Matt tossed out ‘well, I had this idea of a guy getting kidnapped over and over, and something feels strange about where he’s being taken.’ There it was.”

The video was Filmed and edited by Dale Bailey and starring Motorbike James in the lead role, “Second Best” brings an aspect of mystery and confusion, just like all Close Talker videos. “‘Second Best’ is no different,” the band says. “Dale captured this discovery so wonderfully. He balances the darker, mysterious aesthetic with humour and it makes for a perfect visual for the song. No spoilers, watch til the end.”

In so many ways How Do We Stay Here? marks a new chapter for the band. The three members leaned into the trust and foundation built over countless years of friendship to pursue a record that would be sustainable and timeless for them. Choosing to self-produce allowed the band to hold this album close to their chest while it developed organically over the course of 2018 at RMS Labs in Regina. Close Talker, now more than ever, is interested in music that is timeless – music that won’t force the listener into feeling a certain way. To achieve this, the band approached each song following a code of instincts and honesty, including a list of 10 commandments by which all decisions were filtered through. How Do We Stay Here? is a testament to the band’s integrity and a desire to produce music that is original and pure. It is an album the band wrote for themselves, in hopes that the songs would carry the same meaning in 10 years, as they do today.


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