“City Nights” by The Junction

“THE JUNCTION is a Toronto-based indie band. When we say indie, it’s the kind of going-from-universal-to-full-indie indie. After releasing in 2007 their self-titled debut full-length on Universal, they shifted their ways towards a more DIY approach by releasing Another Link In The Chain in 2009 and The Grievances in 2012 on Fontana North, in the late 2000’s. After 4 years of sporadic presence, THE JUNCTION is now making a come-back and have announced the release of their new full length titled City Nights on the 21th of October on Culvert Music.

Sonicly, THE JUNCTION is now mid-way between SPIRITUALIZED with a soft rocky-voice and RADIOHEAD for its bass play and the depth of their arrangements. In the City Nights video, lead vocalist Brent Jackson shares with us his best dance moves on a Brooklyn rooftop and the streets of Toronto. Nothing is meant to be told but only to be felt. The song is obviously a tribute to the art of night-walking in city streets by night with a headphone on, how reassuring this feeling of free loneliness can be. This ethereal amazing video and song makes us save the date for the full project.”

City Nights Release Date: Oct 21st 2016


Rock Bottom
To The Lovers
Who Am I
Night And Day
Lay It Down
Set Free
Reversing You
Do You Know Who You Are?
City Nights