“Bleed” by Maccie

"Bleed" by Maccie, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

Pop singer-songwriter Maccie always had a passion for music; her first love was singing. Maccie recalls singing even when she was a toddler. At age 7 she discovered the piano and by age 8 she was hooked. Maccie taught herself almost everything she knows on piano and that’s the story for every instrument she lays her hands on. At age 16 Maccie’s mother gave her a guitar and her life changed–she began writing songs! Maccie now plays piano, guitar, d’jembe, and kora all by ear. As Maccie’s passion for music grew, she decided to enroll at Ryerson University, and focussed on music production and the art of recording.

Primal is Maccie’s debut EP. Born out of passion and shaped by resilience, Primal represents Maccie’s acceptance of her real self. Working closely with Toronto producer Jeff Hazin. Inspired by chaotic emotion and unconditional love, Primal touches the soul and lifts you up. The first single off Primal, “High”, encapsulates female strength and independence but the EP is versatile. It hits hard and heavy with rock tinged dance songs like “High” and “Wrong Girl”, entices the mind with “Bleed” and “Body Bounce”, then embraces fragility and vulnerability.

Maccie’s thoughts on the song:

“‘Bleed’ is about lust. It’s not about the act of sex… It’s about wanting sex. Needing it. Craving it. Obsessing over it. It is about a sexual experience so powerful that it haunts every interaction I have with anyone else and trumps any and every thought that tries to take precedence in my mind.”


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