Camp Cope Shares “Sing Your Heart Out”

Australian trio Camp Cope, has Shared a video for "Sing Your Heart Out." The track is off their album Running With The Hurricane
Australian trio Camp Cope, has Shared a video for "Sing Your Heart Out"

Camp Cope today share their latest music video of Running With The Hurricane LP album track, “Sing Your Heart Out”, edited by Natalie van den Dungen.The visual ties together the song’s core message of love in all its varied forms, originally spawned from an unassuming connection between Camp Cope and Frightened Rabbit. “Anyone who knows me knows how much Frightened Rabbit means to me, I think I hold the title of most FR tattoos on my body (6)” shares vocalist Georgia Maq.

“When Camp Cope first flew to the U.S, I departed the plane and connected to LAX wifi, and in my message requests was a message from someone I didn’t know called Simon Liddell. In the message, he told me that he had shown Scott Camp Cope before he passed and that Scott had a lot of nice things to say about it. I burst into tears on the spot. So when we went to Scotland, I invited Simon and his girlfriend to our show, they came along and we’ve been friends ever since. During tours and then lockdowns Simon would send me bits of music he’d written for me to play with, he sent me a little piano part and it became the first half of Sing Your Heart Out,” she continues.

Simon Liddell, former member of Frightened Rabbit explains, “Sharing music and collaborating remotely was a great way to stay connected with friends during lockdown. I sent Georgia a rough piano sketch which she developed into such a beautiful song – I was thrilled that I could play a small part in this album by one of my favourite bands.”

Brought together by their enduring love for each other, the music video threads together Georgia, Thomo and Kelly through their eras as a Camp Cope time capsule with footage lifted from Pitchfork Festival Chicago 2022, their 2018 headline show at the iconic Sydney Opera House, and recent performance at The Forum where they were joined by Courtney Barnett, Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin, Jacob Diamond and Fred Leone to bring ‘Sing Your Heart Out’ to life.

Throughout the album’s ten tracks, Camp Cope trade searing vocals and fierce riffs for pianos, multi-instruments, harmonies and more breathing new growth for the trio personally and professionally – older, wiser, and more at peace with the world. Following their critically acclaimed album ‘How to Socialise & Make Friends’ (2018), ‘Running With The Hurricane’ reflects faltered romances and secret crushes, vibrating with assured confidence. If Camp Cope‘s self-titled debut (2016) was the spark, and ‘How to Socialise & Make Friends’ was the fire, ‘Running With The Hurricane’ is Camp Cope in the calm after the storm.


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