Cam Maclean streams ‘Wait For Love’ LP

Vesuvio Solo's Cam Maclean is streaming his forth coming release 'Wait For Love'
Cam Maclean

Vesuvio Solo’s Cam Maclean is streaming his debut album Wait For Love in full. Maclean has announced a string of tour dates in support of the album. Wait For Love will be released on July 6th on Atelier Ciseaux

Wait For Love drives forward the soft rock aesthetic honed on Vesuvio Solo’s last two releases, but with greater lyrical introspection and nods to disparate influences and genres. Featuring intricate guitar playing and an impressive falsetto, Maclean draws on personal experience to explore heartache, loss, contemporary masculinity and redemption.

On the albunMaclean recently told Pop Matters “I started to write a lot of the songs on Wait For Love while on tour with Vesuvio Solo,” Maclean says. “I knew, though, that these songs were more personal and that I was definitely working towards putting together an album as a solo artist. Working with my friend Adam Wilcox as producer and co-arranger on this record helped bring the songs to life in a big way (some of which may have been stillborn without his help). Adam and I were both obsessively listening to Carole King’s Tapestry at the time, which got us both thinking about songwriting and musical arrangement very deeply. The production and songwriting influences are quite broad, though, and I am proud of the album as a dynamic showcase of who I am as an artist.”

Cam Maclean is streaming his forth coming release 'Wait For Love'.

Cam Maclean
Wait For Love


New Jerusalem
Wait For Love
Light Cast
Jacob Always
 Where I Go

 SleepwalkingCam Maclean tour dates:

Cam Maclean

July 28th: Ottawa, Pressed
July 29th: Montreal, Brasserie Beaubien
August 5th: Toronto, Burdock


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