Into The Blue by Broken Bells Album Review by Lauren Rosier for Northern Transmissions


Into The Blue

Broken Bells

The iconic duo of artist/producer, Danger Mouse, (Brian Burton) and The Shins’ James Mercer have released another solid record in their latest, Into the Blue. The album feels put together and feels like it’s a mixtape of various styles with a little bit of ‘60s psychedelia here, some ‘70s there, and ‘80s R&B.

“We’re Not In Orbit” brings out the best of the duo’s top features. The track opens with some brassy synths and keys, then unfolds into a wider guitar-based piece. It truly has the classic Broken Bells feel to it, like some of the tracks on previous BB songs. It could’ve been a late Oasis release with a bit of more attitude to it.

The opening of “Invisible Exit” reminds me of the Simon & Garfunkel song, “The Only Living Boy In New York.” It has a similar guitar part, not the same, but similar chords. The duo’s debut single from the new record, “Love On The Run,” begins with the piano and settles into a horn arrangement that completely brings out the ‘70s funk and R&B feel of the track. The vocals are solid and completes the song well.

The ‘80s synths of “One Night” showcases Broken Bells’ ability to deliver tracks similar like high profile artists like The Weeknd to indie-psych giant, Tame Impala. The track is an excellent, upbeat song and one of the highlights on the record in terms of instrumentation, arrangements, and lyricism.

While on “Saturdays,” it brings in influences of some of the late Beatles’ work and a touch of that English charm. The track carries a psychedelic vibe with it throughout the entire song. On “The Chase,” it starts with a tough bass line and a guitar a jammy melody. The track adds in some synths, and it adds a darker take on a classic Broken Bells’ track.

This is an overall excellent record from an iconic duo who has made a name for themselves within the industry as having one of greatest two artists/musicians coming together to make music.

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