Boy Pablo Guests On Records In My Life

Boy Pablo recently guested on Records In My Life. The affable singer/songwriter just released two Singles “Honey” and “JD’s Song,” he also talked about his new album Wachito Rico, due out October 23, on 777 Records. It was a pleasure chatting with Nicolas Muñoz Aka: Boy Pablo, who shared some of his favourite records with us, including titles by Young Dreams, The Beatles, Great News, Mac DeMarco, Jakob Ogawa, and more.

Albums and artists referenced by Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo – Wachito Rico
Jimmy Somewhere – Never Cared
Jacob Ogawa – April
Great News – Now and Them
Mac DeMarco – 2
Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
The Beatles – Abbey Road
Young Dreams – Between Places
Sondre Lerche – Patience
Nacho Libre – Soundtrack
Napoleon Dynamite – Soundtrack
Américo – A Morir

Boy Pablo
Wachito Rico
Track Listing
Out 10/23/20
777 Music

1. hope she loves me back
2. hey girl
3. leave me alone!
4. honey
5. rest up
6. te vas // don’t go
7. aleluya
8. come home
9. mustache
10. vamos a la playa
11. wachito rico
12. nowadays
13. i <3 u

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