Boy Pablo Shares Details Of Wachito Rico

Boy Pablo announces debut album 'Wachito Rico'
Boy Pablo 'Wachito Rico'

Boy Pablo, will release his debut album, entitled Wachito Rico, on October 23rd via 777 Music. Along with the news. The Norweigian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist AKA: Nicolas Muñoz, has shared lead single, “hey girl” and b-side track “I just wanna go home” ft. andrea. Boy Pablo first came to widespread attention with the video for his viral 2017 single, “Everytime.”

“I just wanna go home”, the double release reintroduces Boy Pablo as having grown up and into his sound. Featuring vocals from Muñoz’s high school classmate, Andrea. The track also speaks to the increasing importance of collaboration in his creative process, opening the Boy Pablo project up from its solo origins. Of the double single, Boy Pablo shares that both tracks “were made during a time I wrote a lot of music for a song project with a friend of mine, Judah Kubendran. I rearranged the tracks and rewrote the lyrics and melodies, and quickly realized that they were too good not to be released.

Boy Pablo on “hey girl”:

“The lyrics of ‘hey girl’ are written from the point of view of a young boy who is in love for the first time and wants to make a move on this girl. He’s nervous, shy and shaky, but dares to jump into it and talks to the girl.”

Boy Pablo on “I just wanna go home” feat. Andrea:

‘I just wanna go home’ is about getting older and realizing how much responsibility you are left with as an adult, and getting lost in the confusion that comes with trying to navigate the landscape of adulthood.”

More info on Wachito Rico:

Taking its title from a Chilean expression that translates to fondness for a “handsome boy”, Pablo’s debut LP is a hybrid conceptual and autobiographical record, tracing the ebbs and flows of the titular character’s love story while threading this narrative through with Pablo’s own experiences as a young man, blurring the identities of Wachito Rico and the real-life Nicolas Muñoz into one curious, indistinguishable whole.


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