Bnny Debuts Two New Singles

Bnny has dropped double single “Something Blue / Changes,” the songs are off their forthcoming album, One Million Love Songs
Bnny Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

Bnny AKA: Jessica Viscius has dropped double single “Something Blue / Changes,” the tracks are off their forthcoming album, One Million Love Songs, available April 5th via Fire Talk Records (Deeper, Cola, Mandy, Indiana). Bnny will perform a hometown show at The Empty Bottle on Friday, April 19th.

In “Changes,” she hangs a simple lyric (“It’s the changing of the seasons”) on a straightforward melody like a sheet being draped over a clothesline, channeling Mazzy Star and mimicking the soft, gauzy, fresh feeling of realizing you’re able to begin it all again with a new person: “new memories / new feelings / new hope / and new reasons.” “So happy I could scream,” she sings, and then she does.

There are one million ways to approach love, one million ways to experience love, one million ways in which love shapes both the course of our lives and how we choose to navigate that course. Many of the tracks across One Million Love Songs take it as a given that love will end. Viscius is looking love square in its many eyes and describing, with self-awareness and humor, not only what she sees, but what it makes her feel.

Produced by Viscius and recorded at Asheville’s Drop of Sun Studios with Alex Farrar (Wednesday, Indigo de Souza), One Million Love Songs is a brighter, fuller record that shows Viscius’ immense growth as an arranger and artist. It follows Bnny’s debut album, Everything. while those songs have not lost an ounce of their power, performing them every night live across the US and Europe made for a new and different kind of exhaustion. It’s hard to access your grief all the time; it’s even harder to share it. “I wanted to make songs that are exciting to play—songs that make me feel happy,” Viscius says. “This album is about love after loss, getting older, and just trying to have fun with a broken heart.”

Bnny 2024 Tour Dates

Fri. Apr. 19 – Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle (Record Release)
Thu. May 9 – Rotterdam, NL @ Rotown
Tue. May 14 – London, UK @ Paper Dress Vintage
Wed. May 15 – Southampton, UK @ Heartbreakers
Fri. May 17 – Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape
Sat. May 18 – Manchester, UK @ Yes (Moodswings)
Mon. May 20 – Paris, FR @ Supersonic
Thu. Jun 13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right

Pre-Order One Million Love Songs HERE


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