Björk Debuts Video For “fossora”

Björk Debuts Video For “fossora”
Björk Debuts Video For “fossora”

Björk shares a new video directed by herself, Viðar Logi, M/M (Paris) And Futuredeluxe for her track “fossora.” The title track is taken from her Grammy-nominated album fossora. A word created by Björk and named after the feminine version of the Latin word for “digger,” “fossora” is a reflection on roots, grounding, love and family in the context of an underground mushroom world.

The video is an extension of the world she molded for the album and sees her perform alongside clarinet sextet Murmuri, and Kasimyn of Gabbar Modus Operandi against an unfolding backdrop of glistening spores that multiply, grow and pulsate as the track’s intensity reaches its peak.
Björk is a multidisciplinary artist who, time and again, innovates across music, art, fashion and technology. From writing, arranging and producing an expansive music catalogue to her collaborations with scientists, app developers, writers, inventors, musicians and instrument makers, Björk continues to inspire and experiment, redefining the boundaries of what it means to be a musician.

Directors: Björk, Viðar Logi, M/M (Paris) And Futuredeluxe
Original Digital Fungi Typography: M/M (Paris)
Cg Design, Animation & Production: Futuredeluxe
Post Production: Okaystudio
Shoot Producer: Sara Nassim
Dop: Shadi Chaaban
Editor: Frédéric Thoraval
Musicians: Aditya Surya Raruna “Kas”, Baldvin Ingvar Tryggvason, Grímur Helgason, Hilma Kristín Sveinsdóttir, Helga Björg Arnardóttir, Kristín Þóra Pétursdóttir, Rúnar Óskarsson, Matthías Birgir Nardeau
Björk Dress: Richard Malone
Neckpiece: James Merry
Jewelry: Panconesi
Boots: Burberry
Kas Outfit: Ican Harem
Band Outfits: Harri, Richard Malone, Rafaela Pestritu, Maison Margiela
Stylist: Edda Guðmundsdóttir
Hairpieces: Tomikono Wig
Make Up Björk: Hungry
Make Up Band and Kas: Sunna Björk Erlingsdóttir

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