“Better Than Life” by Grrrl Gang

"Better Than Life" by Grrrl Gang is the Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Better Than Life" by Grrrl Gang is the Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. Photo by Tiny Studio

Indonesian trio Grrrl Gang have just unveiled their latest single, “Better Than Life,” a track that delves into Sentana’s struggles with a mental disorder. Edo Alventa and Angeeta Sentana wrote the song, which poignantly portrays Sentana’s ongoing efforts to embrace this aspect of her life as something “normal,” even though there are moments when she feels overwhelmed and trapped in an “unhealthy” body and mind, seemingly with no escape in sight.

Sentana’s acceptance of her situation tends to lean towards a more cynical and defeatist outlook rather than a positive and healthy one. In her own words, she shares, “Being diagnosed with any mental disorder is not a nice thing to have. I’m still in the process of accepting it as a ‘normal’ part of my life, but there are times when I would feel super down about it.”

The single is featured on Grrrl Gang’s upcoming full-length debut album, Spunky!, scheduled for release on September 22 by Green Island Music in partnership with exclusive license in North, Central and South America on Kill Rock Stars. The production of Spunky! involved the collaboration of renowned producer Lafa Pratomo, whose portfolio includes working with artists like Danilla and Iwan Fals. While an unconventional choice for Grrrl Gang, Pratomo’s expertise enhances the band’s sound, amplifying Edo Alventa’s guitar tones, Rumandung’s rumbling bass, and Muhammad Faiz Abdurrahman’s muscular beats while preserving their infectious melodies and raw energy.

Pre-order Grrrl Gang, Spunky! here

Spunky! tracklist
1. Birthday Blues
2. A Fight Breaks Out At A Karaoke Bar
3. Rude Awakening
4. Spunky!
5. Cool Girl
6. Better Than Life
7. Tower Moment
8. Mother’s Prayer
9. Blue Stained Lips
10. The Star


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