Bethany Cosentino Shares New Single “For A Moment”

Bethany Cosentino shares new single "For A Moment"
Bethany Cosentino Photo by Shervin Lainez

Today, Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast) is unveiling the newest song from her upcoming debut solo album, Natural Disaster, set for release on July 28th, 2023 via Concord Records.

Entitled “For A Moment,” the song – which sparkles with the sheen of a folk pop radio hit from the late 90s – reflects on the fragility of life and the utter importance of leaning into love and grace with lush mandolin tones and lovely pedal steel work. The track also features backing vocals by the song’s co-writers Madi Diaz, Kate York, and Sarah Buxton.

“The idea for “For A Moment” came to me one morning on a writing trip to Nashville,” Bethany reflected. “After waking up to the tragic news of an acquaintance‘s partners’ sudden death. I was laying in bed thinking about how quickly it can all be gone, and how important it is to lean into love and vulnerability while we’re here. As the world changes, moments of joy mean more now than ever before, even if they only last for a moment. I brought the idea to Kate York, Madi Diaz and Sarah Buxton, and the magic of collaboration and songwriting just flowed. I knew I wanted this to be a beautifully lush song filled with mandolin, pedal steel and huge harmonies. It’s also a song that really allowed me to play with my range as a singer. No holding back on this one, literally and figuratively.”

With previously released songs “It’s Fine” and “Easy,” the singles released give listeners a full spectrum of what they can expect from Natural Disaster – signature luminosity and reflection without mincing words – in other words, what Cosentino does best and has been doing since she burst on the scene in 2009. Intensely intimate yet rooted in universal truth, Natural Disaster reminds us that Cosentino has a rare capacity to transform the way we navigate the fast-changing world around us. It is the first offering from this next chapter of her already-incredible career, and a stunning reflection of a woman in her mid 30’s embracing all of the change that life has to offer, even when it’s downright terrifying.

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