“Best Days” by Lissie

“Best Days” by Lissie is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

“Best Days,” the new single from Lissie, premiered last week. Of the track, Lissie says, “‘Best Days’ is a song of hope. That our best days aren’t behind us, that in the present moment we are inside of ‘the good old days’ and that life is full of all kinds of exciting surprises and adventures to come! Don’t stop believing that the best is yet to come.” “Best Days” appears on her highly anticipated fourth studio album, Castles, out on March 23.

Written predominantly from Lissie’s farm in Northeast Iowa, Castles represents a new openness in her approach to songwriting and recording. Having moved out of the music industry machine and back to her native Midwest, the groundedness she found living and working on a farm ushered in a period of exploration. Castles is a portrait of an artist who has always been on the move and is finally creating a sense of permanency—a chance to catch her breath and reflect.

Of the record, Lissie says, “The album title Castles and the themes of the music itself suggest a striving and a heightened vantage point. I can stand above myself in the tower of my mind and reflect on my relationships and life. There is a maturity, experience and self awareness to these songs that feel like a natural progression within the context of my work to date.”


World Away
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Best Days
Feels Good
Love Blows
What Am I Gonna Do
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