Baths shares new single “Extrasolar”

Baths shares new single "Extrasolar"

Baths aka Will Wiesenfeld, recently announced his new full-length Romaplasm. Today he shares the album’s next single “Extrasolar.” The track is described as a sci-fi inspired ballad that distills the everyday struggles of young Americans – relationships, technology, dating, etc – in a way that only Baths could. It’s sure to be one of the more relatable songs from Romaplasm, due out November 17th via Anticon. Baths will be throwing an album release party for Romaplasm on Friday, November 24 at Zebulon in Los Angeles.

For as long as Will Wiesenfeld has been Baths, he’s been trafficking in perfect—or, more often and more interestingly—near-perfect pieces of pop. The project first emerged in 2009, merging the glitchy, punishing gloom of L.A.’s beat scene with sunnier melodies and vocals that often drifted into falsetto. The music was an instant sensation.

Wiesenfeld is an artist who, through his work as Geotic, has carefully deconstructed songwriting into its basest parts; as Baths on Romaplasm, he reassembles the pieces of his musical and personal lives in the most piercing ways imaginable.

As always, Baths is unafraid to run counter to his surroundings: delicate when others are posturing, gripping and visceral where others drift into the digital morass. But this album is not about contrarianism, or about rejecting the status quo. It’s about centering the things that are important to you, and doing so in the most honest way possible, even if that means fucking things up a bit along the way.


1. Yeoman
2. Extrasolar
3. Abscond
4. Human Bog
5. Adam Copies
6. Lev
7. I Form
8. Out
9. Superstructure
10. Wilt
11. Coitus
12. Broadback