Armlock Drop New Single “Guardian”

Armlock Drop New Single "Guardian." The track is off the duo's forthcoming album, available July 12th via Run For Cover Records
Armlock photo credit Phoebe Cockburn

Armlock, who recently joined the Run For Cover Records roster and announced their new LP, Seashell Angel Lucky Charm, which will drop on July 12th, have dropped album single, “Guardian.” The track follows lead single “Ice Cold.”

Lead single “Ice Cold” introduced the band’s intricate sound. Like much of the band’s music, the new single taps into Lam and Mitchell’s roots in experimental electronic music and filters those influences through a homespun guitar music lens. “Guardian” draws you in close with crystal clear guitars, warm harmonies, and a sparse arrangement that leaves room for character and eccentricities.

Armlock on “Guardian:”

“”Guardian” is about the desire for guidance as an uncertain future appears closer, and looking around at life in the present for answers. The song describes desperately looking for a guiding grace through a general sense of spiritually, or at least a heightened awareness of higher frequencies.”

Longtime friends and collaborators, Lam (vocals and guitar) and Mitchell (guitar and keyboards) met studying jazz at Monash University in Melbourne, eventually discovering a shared love of electronic music. After a handful of electronic and dance outlets (I’lls, Couture, Kllo) Armlock came together and the two began incorporating guitar into the music they were making for the first time. Seashell Angel Lucky Charm is the imaginative and sonically rich result. The music at times recalls Pinback’s lean alternative, Alex G’s adventurous indie, or the wave of mysterious-yet-endearing genre-bending music coming out of the UK from label’s like Dean Blunt’s World Music or Vegyn’s PLZ Make It Ruins. Lam’s vocals sit up front, often buoyed by spare guitar lines and a simple but steady beat, with ample space is left for production flourishes like distant laughter, chopped up samples, and pitched squeals to ping around the listener’s ears and leave you ready to hit repeat.

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