Anna B Savage Releases “in|FLUX”

Anna B Savage releases new single "in|FLUX." The title-track is off her forthcoming album, available February 17, via City Slang
Anna B Savage releases new single "in|FLUX"

Singer/songwriter, and producer Anna B Savage returns with the announcement of her captivating upcoming LP, in|FLUX out February 17th via City Slang. Along With the announcement comes a video of Anna accepting all versions of herself.

About the track, Anna offers: ““in|FLUX” exemplifies the “flux” as I see it between two seemingly disparate parts of me; my music, my mind and my creativity. The first half is a close, vulnerable and quiet start, full of introspection, vulnerabilities and a stilted inability to express something. From there, the song unfurls in to a second half that is more certain, more vocal and expressive of self-assuredness. These feel like two states (along with everything in between, as well) that I inhabit simultaneously as dynamic and multifaceted emotional human.”

None of the songs were fully formed before entering the studio, the whole experience was fluid and relied on interactions and play with producer Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Lump). Where Savage thought she would fall foul of her own negative self-talk, she spent each morning before seeing Mike working on her ‘Morning Pages’, an idea from the hugely popular book The Artist’s Way, which consisted of writing streams of consciousness to actively enact her unlearning, leaning into instinct.

Anna B Savage
Track list
City Slang

1. The Ghost
2. I Can Hear The Birds Now
3. Pavlovs Dog
4. Crown Shyness
5. Say My Name
6. in|FLUX
7. Hungry
8. Feet Of Clay
9. Touch Me
10. The Orange

Pre-order in|FLUX by Anna B Savage HERE


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