Animal Collective’s ‘Today’s Supernatural’

‘Today’s Supernatural’ is the first single from Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz, out on Domino Tuesday, September 4th. The single is out tomorrow digitally, listen to a stream here:

Animal Collective premiered ‘Today’s Supernatural’ live last night on the just launched Animal Collective Radio, a weekly online radio transmission in partnership with Domino and The Creators Project. Every Sunday night at 9PM EST though August 19th Animal Collective will broadcast a new radio show live. Each week a member of the band – Panda Bear, Deakin, Avey Tare and Geologist – will take turns hosting their own show. The shows will feature unique mixes created by the band as well as a variety of guest DJ sets. This week’s show, hosted by Panda Bear, featured his own mix and guest DJ sets by Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies and Haunted Graffiti. The shows will loop for 24 hours after the live broadcast and then be made available as an on-demand stream via MixCloud. The Creators Projectors website will host tracklist details and more information. The website’s look will evolve over the course of the broadcasts, so check back.

Animal Collective would also like to encourage fans to create their own radio show mixes. To help people get started the band has provided a sample pack download of Centipede Hz sounds and radio IDs as well as detailed instructions on how to create your own sounds. More details on user generated mixes is available on the website. The Creators Project is Intel and Vice’s global arts and technology initiative dedicated to supporting creativity. Their partnership with Animal Collective began with their promotion of the band’s visual album ODDSAC in 2010, and then continued with the production of ambitious stage designs at Coachella 2011 and other live shows. Earlier this year The Creators Project assisted Animal Collective in the launch of the interactive Transverse Temporal Gyrus website, which recreated the experience of the band’s installation at the Guggenheim museum in 2010. The partnership has culminated fully in the creation and support of Animal Collective Radio.



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