“Ambivert” By ADE

Last week, multi-artist ADE, released his new album The Junk In Orbit. The EP was accompanied by a mind-altering new video for album track “Ambivert,” directed and animated by Oliver Levine with prop fabrications by Phoebe Jane Hart (including a prop TV that bizarrely went viral on TikTok after a random clip set off debate about its origins, yielding over 21 million views and counting). The song ambitiously fuses electronic bedroom pop and overblown basement pop punk with internet era anxiety to forge anthemic new territory for the project. “I wrote this song from the perspective of someone hopelessly tangled in the barbed wire of the ungovernable Metaverse,” states Ade, “where nasty comments are rewarded with millions of likes while legitimate political activism gets trivialized by its proximity to posts of blindfolded people getting repeatedly hit in the head with a water bottle tied to the blade of a spinning ceiling fan, etc. When fitting in means being forced to engage with such an inherently superficial environment, it’s no coincidence we seek out new labels and diagnoses to define ourselves in order to find allies or a safe community.”

ADE on his new album:

“The Junk in Orbit EP is a collection of pandemic songs; reflections on that first anxiety-riddled wave of quarantine in which our primary experience of the outside world was through our social media feeds – often unhinged and sloppily tailored algorithms bombarding us with misinformation, celebrity, political and systemic failure, Animal Crossing, cooking videos, and any number of unsolicited photos of our exes, pre-pandemic ephemera, and other digital memories.”

Order Junk In Orbit by ADE HERE


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