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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

PITH by Melkbelly, album review by Gregory Adams


The music video for Melkbelly’s “Sickeningly Teeth” is aptly named, arriving filled-to-the-gums with nausea-inducing visuals of folks with all kinds of shit in their…

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It Is What It Is by Thundercat, album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

It Is What It Is

Stephen Lee Bruner is the closest thing we have to a modern day mad musical scientist. The artist, better known as Thundercat, has been…

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Born Again by Ellis album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

Born Again

The movie High Fidelity scared the shit out of me. Here was an aging man obsessed with records and maybe because of this not…

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925 by Sorry album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions


The world moves so fast. When the internet rolled around in the early aughts and really changed the way music was being ingested, it…

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3-15-20 by Childish Gambino, album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions


If you said back in the early days of Derrick Comedy that one third of that often hilarious sketch comedy group would one day…

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Snapshot of a Beginner by Nap Eyes album review by Leslie Chu for Northern Transmissions

Snapshot of a Beginner

On Nap Eyes’ fourth LP, Snapshot of a Beginner, singer/guitarist Nigel Chapman contemplates individualism in many of its forms. Such introspection is nothing new…

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Every Bad by Pooridge Radio album review by Northern Transmissions

Every Bad

Porridge Radio’s Every Bad is Pixies-inspired indie rock, a fairly common combination, perhaps more so in the 1990s than today. But what makes Every…

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Uneasy Laughter by Moaning, album review by Adam Williams for Northern Transmissions

Uneasy Laughter

There are two integral ingredients that underpin Moaning’s sophomore record ‘Uneasy Laughter’; the LA trio have replaced the abrasive guitars from their eponymous debut…

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