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The True Story of Bananagun by Bananagun album review by Steven Ovadia for Northern Transmissions

The True Story of Bananagun

Crooked hanging pictures are a great psychological test, eliciting different responses from people. Some need to straighten anything askew. Some notice, feel bothered, but…

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Somewhere by Gum Country album review by Leslie Chu for Northern Transmissions


Vancouver slacker pop trio the Courtneys have been quiet since releasing their sophomore album, The Courtneys II, in 2017. But titular guitarist Courtney Garvin…

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Massey Fucking Hall by Japandroids album review by Leslie Chu. The duo'd ful-length comes out on June 19th via Anti/Arts & Crafts Records

Massey Fucking Hall

Live shows are about making memories, and Japandroids’ first live album, Massey Fucking Hall, captures a special one: it’s the sound of a dream…

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Your Hero Is Not Dead by Westerman album review by Adam Williams

Your Hero Is Not Dead

According to Will Westerman, aka Westerman, his debut LP ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead’ is “about struggle and release. It’s about being honest about…

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Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers album review by Adam Fink


One way you can easily describe Phoebe Bridgers is prolific. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and producer has been working steadily since her debut…

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'Muzz' by Muzz album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

‘Muzz’ Muzz

One of the time honoured traditions in music is the formation of a supergroup. Made up of notable members of already successful bands, the…

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'The Prettiest Curse' by Hinds, album review by Adam Fink

The Prettiest Curse

Hinds’ album was initially postponed due to COVID-19, and the record is now released during a time when all conversations should be focused on…

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. The full-length comes out on June 5th via Domino Records


When I read that Sam Eastgate, also known Sam Dust, now known as LA Priest, had spent six months building a drum machine, I…

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