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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

'Serfs Up!' by Fat White Family, album review for Northern Transmissions, by Adam Willians

Serfs Up!

With a band dynamic as tumultuous as the negotiations around Brexit, it’s something of a modern marvel that Fat White Family have managed to…

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Big Wows by Stealing Sheep album review, by Mike Ollinger

Big Wows

Liverpool-based, female-fronted trio Stealing Sheep create enigmatic pop songs, chock full of neon dance rhythms and heavily manipulated vocals. It’s intriguing to come across…

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'Dogrel' by Fontaines D.C. album review by Adam williams


There’s a certain romance when a band uses their city as a muse; as if to graffiti your ears with romantic tales of urban…

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'Raw Honey' by Drugdealer, album review by Mike Ollinger. The full-length comes out on April 19th, via Mexican Summer. Lead Track "Honey" is now available

Raw Honey

Michael Collins aka Drugdealer has returned with his sophomore effort, Raw Honey, a rich and playful 9-song LP that mines a heavily orchestrated, psych…

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Brutalism' by The Drums album review by Matthew Wardell for Northern Transmissions


New York City’s own The Drums has long been a creative project headed by vocalist Jonny Pierce’s vision, present since their self-titled debut in…

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Album review 'Titanic Rising' by Weyes Blood

Titanic Rising

“Everybody is their own galaxy, their own separate entity. There is a feeling of needing to be saved, and that’s a lot to ask…

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Chris Cohen' by Chris Cohen, album review by Matthew Wardell

Chris Cohen

How does a man in his forties reconcile with the divorcing of his parents’ 50-plus year marriage? What if the cause of the separation…

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'On The Line' by Jenny Lewis, album review by Matthew Wardell for Northern Transmissions

On The Line

Jenny Lewis has a voice that just feels familiar, whether or not you’ve listened to one of her many musical projects over the last…

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