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Album review of Saves The World by Muna review by Northern Transmissions

Saves The World

A pop music devotee moulding into a very particular and personal type of artist: MUNA are like a Roy Lichtenstein painting, where all elements…

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Review of 'Miami Memory' by Alex Cameron by Leslie Chu

Miami Memory

In the statement announcing his third LP, Miami Memory, Australian singer Alex Cameron said he didn’t intend for his 10 new songs to contain…

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Iggy Pop releases his eighteenth studio on September 6, read Leslie Chu's review


“I want to be free,” go the first words of Iggy Pop’s bleak new album, Free. For nearly two minutes, guitarist and composer Sarah…

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Birth of Violence by Chelsea Wolfe album review for Northern Transmissions

Birth of Violence

Chelsea Wolfe creates urgent desolation blues, spinning somber Americana into cinematic modern highway ballads. Her gift as a songwriter is never more apparent than…

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'Ow' by Pom Pom Squad album review

‘Ow’ Pom Pom Squad

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a detriment to some but in the case of Mia Berrin and her band Pom Pom Squad,…

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'About Us' by G Flip, album review by Adam Fink. The Melbourne Australia singer/songwriter/musician's debut relese comes out August 30 via Future Classic

About Us

Most great pieces of art out in the world are all about relationships. It’s the oldest of troupes. The initial spark to the inevitable…

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Twelve Nudes by Ezra Furman, album review for Northern Transmissions by Adam Fink

Twelve Nudes

Ezra Furman is a singular artist. Sure, one who has been clearly influenced by some gigantic artists of the past, such as Lou Reed…

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