Box For Buddy Box For Star by This Is Lorelei album review by Ben Lock for Northern Transmissions. The LP is now out via Double Double Whammy


Box For Buddy, Box For Star

This Is Lorelei

Water From Your Eyes’s Very own Nate Amos Aka This Is Lorelei is back with his most light hearted album yet Box for Buddy, Box for Star.

Nate Amos has been releasing music through the moniker This Is Lorelei for over a decade now and has been continuously able to shapeshift between genres and grow his discography as a solo artist. This album sees Nate writing songs through the perspective of a traditional songwriter while still retaining his shitposty style of humor and laidbacked personality that’s very apparent on other This Is Lorelei albums and obviously Water From Your Eyes. If you Compare his newest release Box for Buddy, Box for Star to his Debut album Did You Dream It or Did You See It In A Photograph there are almost as many differences as there are similarities. On the first album you hear Nate discovering new sides of his production abilities especially with how he sampled and manipulated his guitar to create glitchy and electronic sounds. He carries that level of creativity onto his new album but with a stronger sense of optimism and confidence.

Box for Buddy, Box for Star sees nate play with more traditional song structures and more country tinged sonic palates such as acoustic and slide guitar on tracks such as “Angel’s Eye” and “ Box for Buddy, Box for Star” as well as having fun with some electronic influenced tracks such as “Perfect Hand” and “Dancing In the Club”. This album sounds like Nate was having a lot of fun while making it, not sticking to any rules or letting it become too serious.

Nates unique sense of humor is very apparent on “Im all Fucked Up” a good ole ripper reminiscent of classic 2000s bands like Ween or Cake. The hilarious and weirdly heroic first single off this album was “Dancing in the Club” a modern day ballad with a healthy dose of autotune. Nates singing on this album showcases his various styles and ranges from song to song such as the low pitched sleep deprived Jeff tweedy Vocals in “My Boy Limbo” and “Where’s Your Love Now” or the elliot smith esque “Two Legs” which feature some of nates most impressive high notes and key changes. The Album Ends with “ An Extra Beat for You and Me “ another beautiful song with light hearted lyrics and pretty chords. Sounds like an intro song to a 2000s sitcom. I mean, this album is pure fun. Go listen.

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