Actual Water Premiere “Waldo Jackson” video

Actual Water Premiere "Waldo Jackson" video 'Call 4 Fun' LP out July 1st on Bad Actors,

Actual Water are a rock n’ roll band from Toronto, Canada consisting of Gary Pooni and Anthony Nemet. Formed in 2007, Actual Water write, arrange and produce their music as a duo. They are supported by Siena DeCampo and “Marvelous” Mark Fosco in live situations. Actual Water first gained exposure through early self-released and recorded efforts Death Projections and Double Negatives (2008). Actual Water released Leon (2008) as a cassette on Telephone Explosion records.

After a brief hiatus/retooling period, the group re-emerged in 2010 as a 4 piece vocal pop group with The Paisley Orchard (2012). Released on Unfamiliar Records. Later that year, Actual Water released the double A-side 7″ “She’s A Priest”/”Latoya” on Plastic Idol records.

In 2013. The group began pre-production on a batch of songs meant to singal their shift swat from nostalgic pop towards more conscious heavy guitar pop. Recording these songs with local engineers Max Cotter and Lucas Prokaziuk, Actual Water eventually completed work on Call 4 Fun (2014), their most accessible record to date. Slated for a summer 2014 release on Ben Cook’s Bad Actors imprint, Call 4 Fun is Actual Water’s attempt at an outward-looking album complete with raunchy guitar lines, thunderous Bonzoesque drums and didactic lyricism.

Actual Water’s body of work thus far has been described in terms as diverse as “The Beatles in reverse” and “art-damaged guitar symphonies”. The duo maintains a signature sound and approach that makes every Actual Water record, regardless of timbre style, part of their  instantly recognizable sonic brand. Returning to the stage in 2014.

“Call For Fun” Track Listing: 

1. Take the Stairs
2. 647
3. Fire On George Street
4. Power Pop Radio
5. Latoya
6. Waldo Jackson
7. Three O’Clock Kids
8. The Walt
9. Gorgeous George

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