“A Good Night” By LOONY

"A Good Night" by LOONY by is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
LOONY photo by SXMBA

R&B / soul-singer LOONY, aka, Kira Huszar, has returned with single “A Good Night,” the track follows previous single, “Old Friends,” and is a collaboration with Akeel Henry (John Legend) and Adam Pondang.

From LOONY: “I’ve definitely ruined what was supposed to be a good night before, because I wasn’t willing to let something go. I had questions that needed answering, or feelings I had to get off my chest. It’s not always worth it, you definitely end up being the villain. But I can’t really pretend like everything’s cool if it’s not.

“This song itself came together quickly – ‘Akeel, Adam and I were out at this little cottage in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, scream-singing this song. We were kinda loopy and over-tired and we had so much fun just playing with a bunch of random objects to create different textures. We mic’d a leaf at one point. It somehow ended up staying in the song.”

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