A.A. Williams Debuts “The Echo” Video

A.A. Williams Debuts video for “The Echo.” The track is off the UK artist's forthcoming release As The Moon Rests due out October 7th
A.A. Williams Debuts video for “The Echo"

Uk artist A.A. Williams, will release her new album As The Moon Rests on October 7th via Bella Union. Ahead of the album’s she has shared a video for her new single “The Echo”. Commenting on the track, Williams says: “The Echo is a dialogue between a person’s heart and the head – the head trying to persuade the heart that what they need is to take time for themselves and prioritize their own well-being, not seek verification of one’s worth through their relationships with others. Originally titled “Forever Blue”, “The Echo” was begun in 2019 but wasn’t completed in time for inclusion on my debut album. Renamed and reworked, it is a song of yearning, sorrow and beauty.” The accompanying video depicts a young man’s dark odyssey around night-time London before reaching an unexpected ending.

“Traditionally, your second album is the worry; where there’s the weight of expectation,” A.A. Williams contends. “But I must create music I like myself, and I’ve had more time on this record; I’ve felt more confidence and conviction. As The Moon Rests is both heavier and softer, there’s more texture and weight, and a string ensemble. It’s Forever Blue times ten!”

As Williams contends, As The Moon Rests amplifies the scale of her ambitions, crystalized by “Evaporate”, the first track released from the sessions. It comes with a video that embodies the thrilling tensions of Williams’ world, where emotions walk a fine line between control and chaos. Likewise, the impact of William’s deep-trawling voice and lyrics that ask all the right existential questions throughout As The Moon Rests: who am I? What can I change? What can’t I change?

Williams would rather not specify any incidents, triggers or memories behind each individual song on the album. “It’s all part of an overriding arc,” she says. “With hindsight, some songs I figure things out, others I disappear into a hole. For example, in “Evaporate”, I’m trying to keep a lid on fizzy complicated thoughts, which just explode. Other times, I’m more relaxed. Mostly, writing is more retrospective, not about the here and now. The lyrics are the place where I figure things out.”

Now Williams and her live band – Thomas Williams, Wayne Proctor and multi-instrumentalist Matthew de Burgh Daly – get to figure out a proper headline tour in support of an album, since lockdown meant that their first headline show on London’s South Bank in early 2020 became her last for well over a year, until a short headline tour in Fall 2021 that at least gave them the chance to commune with fans and feel the white heat and spark of performance. In August of this year, they supported Japanese post-rockers MONO, Williams’ collaborators for the 10” vinyl single “Exit in Darkness”; in September, to launch As the Moon Rests, comes their biggest headline show yet at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. Following that, Williams will undertake her first comprehensive headline tour: a 6-week trek across the UK and Europe, taking in 34 shows over 12 countries.

A.A. Williams
As The Moon Rests
track list
Bella Union

1. Hollow Heart
2. Evaporate
3. Murmurs
4. Pristine
5. Shallow Water
6. For Nothing
7. Golden
8. The Echo
9. Alone In The Deep
10. Ruin (Let Go)
11. As The Moon Rests

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