“2 Lovers” by Twain

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is “2 Lovers” by Twain. The track is off their forthcoming release Noon, available October 21, 2022
Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is “2 Lovers” by Twain

Twain has dropped new single “2 Lovers,” the track is off his forthcoming album Noon, set to be released on October 21 via Keeled Scales (Katy Kirby, Sun June, Buck Meek). The song tingles with a nostalgic warmth, as songwriter Matthew Davidson’s introspective lyrics and impassioned vocals ring affecting as ever. He shares, ‘2 Lovers’ is the oldest song on Noon, from the end of my time living in New York. The bar in the song was called Manhattan Inn, in Greenpoint. I was briefly employed there as a bar-back. There was a beautiful room in the back with tables and benches against each wall and a fucked-up grand piano in the center of the room. It was a great place to see shows, with the audience surrounding the band in a hush. I remember sets from Adrianne Lenker, Nick Hakim, Joanna Sternberg, and really special was working the brunch shift, juicing lemons in the hard sunlight while Dylan Meek made jazz music on the piano.”

Twain’s fourth release on Keeled Scales, Noon, is a collection attempting to balance soul-fantasy with self-scrutiny, to erode the barrier between those two places, and to find the liminal state between the spirit’s ambition for itself and the often harsh truth of the present. Says Davidson, “Sometimes the facts of life make dreams difficult to protect. Twain is my effort to reconcile those two states… to forget that they could ever exist in opposition.” Noon was recorded by Twain’s longtime collaborator Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording in Richmond, VA and features bass by Ken Woodward and drums by Austin Vaughn.

“Noon is where I am, more-or-less, in my natural life span and in my creative life span. I picture noon being at the very bottom of a bowl… the resting point of a pendulum… not the apex of an arc, or the crest of a hill. Arriving at noon for the first time in my life, I sense everything reversing and the possibility to change and cure and heal is real for the first time. This album is a prayer from noon for the rest of the day.”

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