Chet Faker and Marcus Marr unveil new track

Chet Faker and and producer Marcus Marr unveil new track 'Birthday Card',

Chet Faker and South London-based producer Marcus Marr unveil new track ‘Birthday Card’, taken from their collaborative 4-track EP ‘Work’, out December 4 via Faker’s own label, Detail Records.

Over the past few years, a musical admiration between Chet Faker and Marcus Marr has grown, which culminated in a four-day sojourn in Marr’s South London studio where the pair wrote Work.

DJ Marcus Marr has been releasing records via DFA Records over the last few years, including “Brown Sauce.” A regular at Berlin’s famed nightclub Berghain/Panorama Bar, the lifelong music obsessive’s first encounters with dance music were acid house records which augmented his vinyl collection of rock and soul, and attending all night parties under Brixton’s St Matthews Church. Traveling to the south of England to watch DJ Harvey play a lengthy set, he saw the kind of power a DJ can wield over a willing crowd.

And how does a relationship between a London-based DJ and Brooklyn-based Australian producer blossom? Twitter, obviously. Notes Marr, “Nick posted my song on Twitter. I messaged him and said thanks and a conversation started – all nerdy stuff about recording processes. Pretty soon we started exchanging song ideas in voice memos. He then suggested maybe we try and do something together.”

On the recording process, Marr adds “It was a real thrill as the songs came together. As far as working out lyrics and music the guy is super-talented. He writes all his lyrics in his black book and he loves his pen. Actually, Nick, I was rummaging through a drawer in my studio the other day and I found your special pen – do you want it back, mate?”


01 – Birthday Card
02 – The Trouble With Us
03 – Learning For Your Love
04 – Killing Jar