Wrecking Ball ATLANTA announces 2016 lineup

Wrecking Ball ATLANTA announces 2016 lineup,

For several weeks now, the Wrecking Ball ATL’s social media sites have been teasing a number of special reunion sets. By posting tombstones labeled with the year range of particular artists time of activity, The Wrecking Ball has created a virtual graveyard of speculation.

With the release of the official lineup this week , and the addition of one very special tombstone, the identities of the buried can finally be identified.

Joining the festival in Atlanta will be:

Thursday (1998 – 2011)

Thursday was an American post- hardcore band, formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1997 which was composed of Geoff Rickly (vocals), Tom Keeley (guitar, vocals), Steve Pedulla (guitar, vocals), Tim Payne (bass guitar), Andrew Everding (keyboards, vocals), and Tucker Rule (drums).

Thursday released their debut album, Waiting, in late 1999 with original guitarist Bill Henderson, who left the band in 2000 and was replaced by Steve Pedulla. The band gained popularity with the release of their second album, Full Collapse in 2001, and released their third album and major label debut, War All The Time, in 2003, which reached number seven on the US Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Thursday released their fourth album, A City By The Light Divided in 2006, and two further albums, Common Existence and No Devolucion before announcing an indefinite hiatus in 2011.

The Promise Ring (1999 – 2005)

The Promise Ring is an American emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They gained an underground cult following and are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of second wave emo. Formed in 1995, they first split up in 2002 and have reunited occasionally since 2005.

The Promise Ring’s first full-length album titled 30 degrees Everywhere, which was released by Jade Tree Records in 1996. The record was followed by 1997’s Nothing Feels Good and The Horse Latitiudes, which collected early tracks that were previously released as 7″s, was also released in 1997. After another change in bass players, 1998 saw the release of the Boys and Girls EP and in 1999 they furthered their success with the release of Very Emergency. Following their final release in 2002, wood/water which featured bassist Ryan Weber, The Promise Ring decided to move on to new projects, like Von Bohlen’s and Didier’s new band named Maritime.

Piebald (1994 – 2008)

Piebald was an American alt rock band which started as a hardcore band in Andover, Massachusetts. out of the same scene that produced Converge. They later moved to the Boston suburb of Somerville and became a staple of the Greater Boston indie rock scene scene. Two members still live in the Boston area, while two others now live in Los Angeles. Piebald’s last show was on April 19, 2008, at Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, though the band reunited for a set at The Bamboozle festival in New Jersey on May 2, 2010.

Rainer Maria (1995 – 2006)

Rainer Maria is a three piece emo band from Madison, Wisconsin residing in Brooklyn, New York originally active from 1995 to 2006. Named after the German-language poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Caithlin De Marrais, Kaia Fischer and William Kuehn formed the band in late summer of 1995. They released five full length albums, a live DVD, numerous live recordings, and EPs, In its earlier days, the band had a dual male and female vocal line-up; later, De Marrais would become the lead vocalist in a majority of their songs. The gender ambiguity of the name Rainer Maria paralleled this and was one of the reasons it was selected as the band’s name. The band played their last show on December 17, 2006, at North Six in Brooklyn.

Hey Mercedes (1999 – 2005)

Hey Mercedes was a band from Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL, USA, that formed in 1999/2000 after the dissolution of Braid. The band consisted of Bob Nanna on guitar and vocals, Todd Bell on bass and vocals, Mark Dawursk on guitar and vocals and Damon Atkinson on drums. With 2 full lengths, 3 EPs and 358 shows under their belt, Hey Mercedes called it quits. Their final show (#359) was at the Metro in Chicago on April 23 of 2005. In a 2007 e-mail campaign, Threadless. Tees reported that Hey Mercedes would play at the Metro, to celebrate the grand opening of the company’s Chicago store. The band remains inactive, but plays occasional shows.

Milemarker (1997 – 2008)

Milemarker is a post-hardcore group originally formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A longtime part of the Chapel Hill and Chicago underground music scenes, Milemarker slowly gained in popularity for their eclectic stylings and unique sound, which shifted from an experimental electronic format to heavier alternative rock in more recent years. Their 2005 US tour after the release of Ominosity featured heavy drums following winding guitars and vocals alternating from contemplative and narrative to shrieking and visceral. From 2005 to 2008, although the band did not officially break up, circumstances prevented the band from further recording and touring. In 2008, the band played a show with the original line up of Al Burian, Dave Laney, and Ben Davis, and had a 12-date tour in Europe before playing at a musical festival in Lärz, Germany. There has been no known tour since this one.


Full Wrecking Ball 2016 Lineup:

Drive Like Jehu
Dinosaur Jr
American Football
The Julie Ruin
Motion City Soundtrack
Gorilla Biscuits
The Bouncing Souls
The Promise Ring
American Nightmare
Touche Amore
Rainer Maria
Trapped Under Ice
Tigers Jaw
Cold Cave
Hey Mercedes
Juliette and the Licks
Good Riddance
Joyce Manor
The Menzingers
Culture Abuse
Diarrhea Planet
Jeff Rosenstock
Potty Mouth
Antarctigo Vespucci
Big Jesus
Daddy Issues
Young and Heartless
Donovan Wolfington
Broken Beak
Drug Church
Bobby Barnett
The Obsessives
Fox Wound