WOOL share new single “Stars”

WOOL share new single "Stars" On 5/18, WOOL released their latest single “Stars,” a more fleshed-out side of the band, the song was mixed by Raymond Finn

Haunted memories and crushed relationships play a significant role in the body of work from Raleigh, NC act WOOL. “It felt like this huge empty void I had been feeling was finally being filled, which is what led me to keep writing songs for the project, and eventually record,” shares lead singer and songwriter Troy Hancock. He began the project in 2012 after two years of creative inactivity and his initial songs were an ode to the many dazed, anxious feelings from past experiences.

While in Raleigh, Hancock met Raymond FinnZack Oden, and Johnny Hobbs to turn WOOL from a solo project into a full band. After their first official show in November 2012. With a slot at Raleigh’s Hopscotch Music Festival in 2013, WOOL was poised to hit the studio and crank out fresh material. They released their debut EP titled Delta last October, which demonstrated an amount of range between their 90s-influenced aesthetic in the vein of Built to Spill to more devastating shoegaze moments as found on closing track “Bulletin Air.”

On March 18th, WOOL released their latest single “Stars,” a glimpse into a dreamier, more fleshed-out side of the band. “I feel that my experiences with really struggling and sometimes questioning who I am as an individual eventually got me to a place where I’m confident in myself, in my musical style,” says Hancock. “I do feel like that those themes of self doubt do show up in some of my songs.”

“Stars” – Single

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